A Story of Love.

My first born child, Brenden taught me so many things about myself.  The biggest lesson was the meaning of unconditional love.   Bringing him into this world changed me forever...

He was such a joy.  I could love nothing more and couldn't imagine life without him.  He became my life, my everything. Our joy suddenly became overshadowed with his first emergency visit when he was only 17 months old.   From then on, we had countless days and nights where he was struggling to breathe.  

Endless doctor appointments, daily doses of inhaled steroids, weekly shots, and two surgeries later,  nothing was really improving.  Finally, we were recommended to go see a nutritionist that changed our lives.  We were put on a gluten-free, organic diet.  Less than a year later, we are amazed that he no longer needs any medication!  Today, he is a strong baseball player but, above all, he is healthy and happy! 

Now, everyday seems just a bit sweeter.  


Photograph taken by Lock & Co. for NVSL Magazine

What's my secret?

A handful of organic and natural ingredients, and a great deal of love...

Each Pure Love macaron is carefully confectioned with the finest almond meal, organic eggs, sugar and filled with handmade fillings.

My passion as the Owner and Baker is to create the perfect combination of texture and flavor- two slightly crispy shells and a sinful filling that makes every single bite better than the last...a love affair that will never end.

A handmade, hand-piped Pure Love macaron will melt in your mouth and slowly release an orchestra of beautiful flavors that have been married together so perfectly to create pure love in a bite.